[Video] Aarki, Remerge, and YouAppi Discuss Retargeting Marketing in Japan

Retargeting aims to re-engage active users and retarget lapsed users, whether they have uninstalled your app or not. This strategy can be used as a defense to prevent users from lapsing, by identifying users at risk of churn by measuring engagement rates. Retargeting also helps you boost your user engagement by retargeting active users and encouraging them to perform new and specific actions.

Why is retargeting important?

  • Increases user engagement
  • Improves retention
  • Brings in more high lifetime value (LTV) users

The country’s top mobile marketing agencies discuss the importance of retargeting in Japan.

Hiro Kurata 

Ryuji Yamane

Takuya Miura 

Through this video interview, you’ll gain more insights from Hiro Kurata, Aarki’s Country Manager - Japan, Ryuji Yamane of Remerge, and Takuya Miura of YouAppi. They discuss the mobile retargeting landscape in Japan and why it’s crucial for mobile marketers in the region to maximize this strategy.

What You Will Learn in the Video Interview

japan (1)The perception of retargeting in Japan, and why it’s important

phone (1)The differences in mobile marketing between Japan and the rest of the world

rt (2) Retargeting trends and countermeasures

Part 2 is out now!