Landing Page Optimization for Mobile Advertisers: Part II

In the previous post, we discussed the importance of optimized landing pages and best practices to follow. We pointed out tips from using checkboxes to reducing load time and described why these changes are important. In this post, we will cover exactly how we optimize funnels and landing pages for the advertisers that work with us. While this mobilization process can be time consuming, we feel that the ends justify the means. In the end, optimized ads lead to higher conversion rates, which are better for the advertiser, publisher, Aarki, and the user. That is why we provide this service absolutely free.

The first step in Aarki’s optimization process is to determine the specific campaign goals. This can include a call to action such as lead submission, app download, or purchase. Once the requirements are determined for the campaign, an Aarki engineer will begin the mobile optimization of the landing page funnel.

The landing page is critical to explain the product or service and the converting action. The landing page will have the advertiser’s logo, a one-sentence ad copy heading, and three to five sentences that explain the ad campaign. Privacy clauses, terms and conditions, and copyright info are always included at the bottom of the page to meet the advertiser’s legal compliance.

From the landing page, a prominent button in the center of the page will instruct the user of the next step. The name of the button correlates with the type of service. For example, if the service is a sign up offer, the user will click on a “Sign Up” button. If the service is a product purchase, the user will click on a “Buy Now” button.

Most lead generation campaign pages will ask the user to enter their name, address, email, or phone number. For offers that require a purchase, a credit card form will be included. Advertisers appreciate that we use third party services to validate user input and ensure legitimate information. The mobilization process is designed to not store any user input data as required by advertisers in financial services.

If a desktop page has many fields, we will break the mobile form into several pages to eliminate scrolling and simplify the user experience. Once the user has completed the forms, the user is able to submit the information in a secure mode. Best of all, the Aarki mobilization process requires zero integration with advertisers’ systems.

Numerous advertisers and publishers partner with us due to our focus on the user experience. The free ad campaign optimization service is one way that we make mobile ads profitable and enjoyable.

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